Monday, March 16, 2009

AD&D: Goblins? What goblins?

I just crunched a few quick numbers out of my DMG. Assume if you will a fairly standard level 6 AD&D fighter. He is in Plate +1 (AC 2), wielding a shield +1 (down to AC 0), and somehow gets another two steps of AC (Pro Evil spell, rings of protection, more potent enchantments on armor/shield, high dex, etc) for a final AC of -2. He has about 45 HP -- strictly average for a 16 CON fighter.

A 1 HD critter doing 1d6 damage will basically never kill him. It will take over 200 attacks to off our fighter. A 2 HD critter doing 1d6 damage does better, requiring about 80 attacks. A 4 HD critter doing 1d10 damage (like an ogre) needs about half that many.

Those monsters are basically only a threat to magic-users, thieves, and offensively focused fighters (no shield, for example). Even in large numbers they won't be able to seriously threaten our fighter.

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DL said...

Feature not a bug, imo. In an organic gameworld, the PCs may enjoy slaughtering a goblin army with invincible fighters and insta-pwn AoE. It also allows the DM to prepare dungeons consisting of large numbers of "trash mobs" with a select number of "boss encounters" (think D1), leading to a living world, as opposed to the 4e 10 sound-proof rooms with 5 monsters each syndrome.