Monday, March 16, 2009

My Blogroll

I've noticed that a lot of sites have extensive blogrolls. Unfortunately, they do not include a literature review. So the casual surfer has no idea why he should visit Blog A over Blog B. Maybe A provides reviews of old-school material, and B is more oriented towards homebrew; the surfer doesn't know until he visits and reads a stack of posts.

That's why I will include a literature review where possible of the links I've put on my blogroll.

Geek Grab Bag ( This is my friend Dan's blog. Lately he has primarily been pondering about a homebrew fantasy adventure RPG that borrows heavily from AD&D and 4E. He also occasionally throws out info about WoW or the World of Darkness.

Ars Ludi ( This is a blog run by an experienced gamemaster, and its closely associated with an indie company named Lame Mage. I came across it one day with random surfing and was impressed by a lot of the ideas there. Normalvision, the Braunstein History, West Marches, and other articles are quite interesting. There's a lot of D&D material there but he also tends towards indie games that you might not yet be familiar with.

Delta's D&D Hotspot ( This blog is run by a fellow named Dan who is apparently a statistics professor. He brings a strong analytical mindset and some serious number crunching to the table. The main focus of this blog is OD&D and he shares many of my own ideas regarding customary units, the rules of 7/3, etc. He also occasionally reviews obscure old school material. I just wish that he posted RPG design and theory ideas more often!

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