Monday, September 8, 2008

Fixes for 4E

I've been very pleased with 4E thus far, but I do have a few gripes. Here's a few additions to the game that I think might round it out a bit.

Prerequisite: Eladrin, Fey Step racial Power
Benefit: When you use your fey step power, you gain a +1 bonus to your next attack roll. This bonus is lost if not used before the start of your next turn.

Problem: Eladrin only have one heroic tier racial feat, and unlike nearly every other race, they lack a way to gain bonuses to hit. This causes problems for classes like the Tactical Warlord, who really don't have any solid PHB racial options now (other than the always somewhat useful human). Other potential options could be: Gain a +2 feat bonus to hit, gain Combat Advantage against the target, gain a +1 feat bonus on your next attack (not attack roll).

HUNGER OF HADAR (warlock power 5)
Reduce damage to 2d8. Increase Sustain damage to 1d10.

Problem: Hunger of Hadar is superior to the other powers of this level, even for non-starlocks.

Instead of selecting a third at-will power, you may instead select an Encounter Attack Power from your class. This power may be used as a Daily Power.
Additionally, humans gain a bonus feat upon entering Paragon Tier and another upon entering the Epic Tier.

Problem: Extra-at will is useless most of the time and discourages humanocentric parties. Additionally, the bonus feat is very "front loaded." As another option, you could grant "Action Surge" as a freebie in addition to the extra feat at level 1, as almost everyone takes it anyways, but that just front loads the race even more.

Benefit: You may use your CHA or WIS modifier, whichever is greater, to determine the damage dealt by your Divine Challenge class feature.

Problem: STR-based paladins already get the shaft, in that they have many levels with only one or none selections for their powers. Why does their challenge need to suck, too? The other, more difficult fix, is to write some powers for STR paladins that actually use (*gasp*) STR.

Prerequisite: Great Weapon Fighter, Combat Challenge Class Feature
Benefit: When you hit with your Combat Challenge attack, you may make an Intimidate check against that foe as a free action.

Problem: Most agree that great weapon fighters are generally inferior to sword & board. This feat is really only effective against bloodied foes and it fits the theme of great weapon fighters just fine. It also makes CHA a bit more important, increasining MAD.

Problem: Currently, there's no use for INT (other than as a mediocre substitute for DEX) for most martial classes. A few feats might make the warrior-scholar more viable, and help out TacLords a bit; they might even bring back the smart artful dodger rogue! The goal for INT is to make warriors more (A) tactical and (B) versatile.

Prerequisite: 13 INT
Benefit: When you score a critical hit with a melee weapon, you may shift one square.

Benefit: When you hit an enemy with an opportunity attack, add your INT modifier to the damage rolled.

Prerequisite: 15 INT, Weapon Focus
Benefit: Select two additional weapons groups. You are considered to have Weapon Focus in these groups.

Prerequisite: 15 INT, Combat Challenge Class Feature
Benefit: When you are eligible to make an opportunity attack, you may instead make a Combat Challenge attack as an immediate action.

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