Monday, May 7, 2012


In previous posts I've outlined some ideas for a playing card-based magic system for "spirit" themed characters and a chess-piece based systems for "matter" themed characters.  I think it is important for the sub-systems to have props which reinforce their feel.  Over the past few weeks I've put a lot of thought towards an appropriate prop for a "mind" themed sub-system.  The whole feeling of this system should support a theme of "human ingenuity transforming the environment."  It is intended to be linked to the mechanical arts.

In the past I've thought about a variant on "gluckhaus" or dominoes.  Another thought occurred to me:  what about monopoly tokens?  After all, a standard monopoly set has nine.  I wonder how they'd match up to the mechanical arts.  As a refresher...  The first three are the same or similar.  The last four vary with some overlap.

Johannes Scotus Eriugena

Vestiaria (tailoring, weaving)
Architectura (architecture, masonry)
Militia and venatoria (warfare and hunting, "martial arts")
Mercatura (trade, commerce)
Coquinaria (cooking)
Agricultura (agriculture)
Metallaria (blacksmithing, metallurgy)

Hugh of St Victor
Militia and venatoria
Theatrical Arts

Rudulphus de Campo Longo

ars lanificaria—the art of dressing people
ars architectura—the art of providing shelter
ars militaria—the art of defence against an enemy
ars negotiatoria—the skill of trading goods
ars victuaria—the art of feeding people
ars suffragatoria—the art of means of transport
ars medicinaria—the art of healing

Monopoly Pieces

Thimble - Vestiaria
Howitzer - Metallaria/Smithing
Horseback - Militia/Hunting?
Scottie Dog - Agriculture
Shoe - Transportation
Top Hat - Commerce

That leaves three, the Battleship, Racecar, and Iron.  Obviously the iron would work well for vestiaria, but that would displace the even-better thimble (except perhaps for surgery).

I'm not sure that this is the best match-up either but it was interesting to think about.