Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blogroll Additions

I wanted to note a few additions to my blogroll as well as a notable post or two on the existing ones.


Trollsmyth is a creative old-school DM and player with a lot of good ideas. I like his magic hack for OD&&D/LL a lot (LINK:, and he's got a lot of other hacks/sub systems that are pretty cool and seem quite playable. All in all, a quality read. He also has quite a few playtest reports/gaming war stories. The worst bad thing here is that he doesn't seem to use labels for his posts. That can make it quite hard to find just what it is you're looking for.


Wow, this is epic. A highly prolific blog with a ton of links to other good gaming resources. I don't agree with everything he says, and the author can be a bit doctrinaire for my tastes, but what a great collection of old-school reviews, thoughts, and discussion. Definitely worth a visit.


The author had very kind words about my blog a few posts back and I am just now getting around to adding him to my blogroll. A wide variety of musings on various topics, with some usable if conventional resources (monsters, treasure, tables, etc). Plus the name is just cool to say. I imagine Hagar the Horrible gutturally spitting it out while jumping out of a longboat or something.


A newer-school bent on gaming in many ways, but one with a lot of tinkering. The posts are nicely labeled which makes it easier to sort through and find what you are looking for. The theory is often abstract but quite interesting to read. Plus, this is another great title (note the sub-title: Doesn’t matter what system or setting: the dude in the pointy hat is going down. ).


Delta just published his own hack for OD&D. I don't agree with everything in there but he deserves great credit for actually put his thoughts together in a coherent and playable manner on paper. As always it is a pleasure to read his blog.

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