Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few verb+noun spells

Just been pondering a few Verb + Noun spells that seem quite easy.

Summons call a creature to assist with combat or a problem.
Summon Fire - Get a Salamander of some sort
Summon Earth - Get Gnomes
Summon Water - Get Undines
Summon Air - Get a sylph
Summon Necromancy - Get some sort of undead or demon
Summon Animal - Get an animal
Summon Man - Get some sort of conjured man

Abjurations hedge something out or give protection.
Abjure Fire - Gain protection from Fire or Water.
Abjure Earth - Gain protection from Earth or Air.
Abjure Water - Gain protection from Water or Fire.
Abjure Air - Gain protection from Air or Earth.
Abjure Necromancy - Protection from undead and demons
Abjure Animal - Gain protection from beasts

1 comment:

nanobri said...

I would think summon would bring actual examples of the elements for the elemental ones. Like flames or water or whatnot.

I guess that would potentially make the element nouns kind of lame for the summon verb though.