Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Along with playing cards and dice, I've neglected one classic item -- the Dominoe.


For the uninitiated, dominoes typically come in sets of 28 representing all the possible combinations of 2d6 (plus a blank -- as if "zero" was a possible roll on 2d6). So, if you had a hat full of all the dominoes in a set (except the blanks) and you drew from it, then it'd be much like rolling 2d6.

I think dominoes could be an excellent RPG aid in the same vein as playing cards. I can see applications for Runic Magic and such. For example, instead of finding a scroll of Fireball, perhaps you find a Magic Rune. Upon finding the loot, immediately hand the player a domino. The player can then spend that Domino when casting a spell (see my whack dice pool idea down a post or two); they use the pips on the domino instead of leaving it up to chance, with Blanks being a "wild card." This makes their "magic runes" basically a consumable source of power. Even the dominoes with lower pip values are valuable under my dice system described below because it may enhance the Width of a set.

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