Monday, September 19, 2011

Mini Quests: Phlegmatics

Water-prime characters or phlegmatics interact with the environment. Whereas melancholics are interested in dominating the game world, water-types want to understand and explore.


Quest Idea


Explore a unique terrain feature (steps down, mountain peak, magic pool, etc)


Solve a puzzle, riddle, or conspiracy


Discover and research a specific monster at least two tiers higher than you


Gain access to a forbidden, secret, or hidden area


Complete task in accordance with your ruling planet or patron


Complete task in accordance with your exalted planet or patron

As such, the water quests are all about exploration. You don't have to defeat a hill giant as a level 2 character; you just have to find out everything interesting there is to know about some big dude named Nosnra who lives back in the woods. Unlike the earth quest to blaze a path and secure a trail/area, the water quest is just to explore or find a new feature. These types of topics should be familiar to D&D players as the core D&D rewards system focuses pretty heavily on these sorts of activities.

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