Friday, May 15, 2009


Here's a brainstorm for what to do with WIS (and incidentally, clerical types).

A character can ask for 1 +/- WIS MOD miracles.

BASIC MIRACLES (i.e. anyone can do them):
- Bless: You and your allies gain +1 DP on all checks or +2 on all D20 checks.
Duration: Make a WILLPOWER check each round to sustain the effect.
- Majesty: All foes within C2 Radius must check morale.

ADVANCED MIRACLES (i.e. only those with WIS prime can do them):
- Turn/Rebuke: Any creature that is opposed to your ethos and is within your C2 radius must make a FORT check or take damage (this effect occurs only once). Additionally, such creatures must check morale at a penalty every round. This second effect lasts until the creature passes a WILLPOWER check.
- Prayer: Adjust all TNs for you and your allies down by -1 (+2 on D20 rolls) and for your foes by +1 (-3 on D20 rolls). Make a willpower check each round to sustain the effect.
- Intercession: The DM makes a secret Willpower check on your behalf. If succesful, your deity sends some aid, whether that is a vision, a sign, or a helper. Additionally, you gain the effects of a Blessing as above, although your allies do not.

You get a new Miracle after completing a milestone. All of your miracles are refreshed after completing a Quest.


Sarah the Priestess has 14 WIS (+1 MOD) and 16 CHA (+2 MOD), thus she can perform TWO miracles. Early in the day she happens across some zombies. She calls upon the power of her patron to TURN them. Every zombie within her C2 radius (4+2 CHA = 6 HEXES) must immediately make a FORT save or take damage. Each round, those zombies need to check morale at a penalty (which means they will likely flee or cower) until they can pass a WILL save.

In the next encounter, the group comes up against a fearsome Hill Giant. It is generally TN7 to deal with this creature, which makes it a very tough challenge. Sarah again calls out for divine aid and calls down a Prayer. This significantly shifts the odds in the party's favor for a few rounds. Sarah is now out of Miracles; she will be blessed with another when the group hits a major milestone, and she will be fully recharged when completing a quest.

Note that just sleeping and resting is not sufficient to restore miracles. The gods respect action, not taking naps.

This system makes WIS + CHA priests best at Turning (because of their larger C2 radaii) and Blessing/Prayers (because of their excellent WILL checks). Paladins and Monks are still pretty good at each.

Additionally, it makes Clerics very, very important for those toughest encounters, and it also makes them useful for dealing with "favored enemies." This also fits the "Fate Point" mechanic well enough, for anyone with sufficient WIS will be "lucky" in that they can ask for a Blessing occasionally.

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