Monday, April 20, 2009

Star Wars VI

Yesterday I watched Return of the Jedi. I don't think its as strong as A New Hope (or even Empire Strikes Back, although I've never been a bit ESB fan -- other than the Hoth scenes), but its good enough.

I definitely had a few moments when a "frisson" (perfect word!) ran through me. Yeah, I'm a dork.

When Luke unleashes his rage and drives Vader back with uncontrolled blows.
Yoda's Death Speech.
Luke standing in front of the funeral pyre on Endor; his stance is striking.
The A-Wing Pilot crashing into the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer.

And I'm sure there were a few more. A solid movie. I am sad about the dated-looking action scenes (especially the chases), the dragging plot (its 30 minutes too long), Ewoks, and Carrie Fisher being stoned out of her gourd just when Leia starts to become an independent awesome character. Oh yeah, and Stupid Surly Teenager Anakin and the obnoxious Enya-style remix at the end of the "updated" version. That part blows.

I know this is disappointing for a Mefloquin Monday but yeah, I spent it geeking out some on Star Wars quotes and humming the Star Wars theme.

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