Thursday, February 26, 2009

About Me

Looking at the Geek Grab Bag ( I just realized that I quite rudely have never introduced myself! At first this blog was intended really as more of a "public diary" but as I find myself with a few readers it seems reasonable to introduce myself.

I'm a 20-something working professional, studied political science and history in college, and have been gaming since about early 2004. My first RPG system was AD&D. I've got extensive experience with AD&D (I joke that I minored in it in college!), both running and playing. I've tackled homebrew material as well as classic favorites like B2, the G-D-Q series, and Greyhawk. In the D&D lineup, I've also played and run 3.5. I'm currently playing in a 4E game.

I've dabbled in several other systems and games but am most familiar with the New World of Darkness, which I find to be a good system for telling stories. I particularly enjoy Werewolf and Mage (provisional on a good DM and very mature group).

I have tabletop experience and have also played and run online games via Play By Post (RPOL) and most recently over Maptools and Skype, "live." You might know me in a few of the following guises:
NittanyTbone14 on Dragonsfoot
NittanyTbone on Enworld
Okrin at the Sands of Valathorn Arena on RPOL
Erdion at the Nyrond Arena on RPOL

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