Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I don't normally intrude into the real world on this blog as that is not the intent.

The events at Newtown elementary were shocking and obviously terrible.  They hit close to home as I have close family members who work in elementary schools.  I want more than anything to see effective solutions that reduce the threat of violence to kids and people who work in schools.

I know that many people are asking a lot of questions and wanting solutions and dialogue.  I am professionally in the risk assessment and threat mitigation business, have qualified on and carried bona fide "assault rifles" for work, and personally know about losing friends and coworkers to violence.  My wife works with children, but on the weekends she is a certified firearms safety instructor (and a better marksman than me and many badge toting professionals, I might add).  We are familiar with the legal environment in Connecticut.  Please email me if you want facts or information that you feel the media are not providing accurately or clearly.

I won't ask you to join the NRA or donate to the Brady Campaign; I won't tell you how to vote or what to tell your Senators.  I can answer questions like, "What's the difference between an automatic assault rifle and a semiautomatic assault weapon?" or "how do you as a risk management professional mitigate the threat of random mass violence?" or "what is the likely risk impact/effect of proposal X?"

Post a comment with your email address and I'll be happy to have a private dialogue to answer  questions.

Back to your regularly scheduled intermittent gaming posts.

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