Thursday, March 1, 2012

Specialty Clerics: Celestian

In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Celestian is the god of Stars, Space and Wanderers. His symbol is a black circle set with seven stars. His color is black.
An Oeridian god, he is called the Far Wanderer, and is brother to Fharlanghn. It is said that the two followed similar but differing paths. Celestian is Neutral Good, but his worshipers may be any alignment of good.

New Prime Requisite: INT
Alignment: NG
XP Penalty: 10%
Level 1: Featherfall
Level 3: Jump
Level 5: Levitate
Level 7: Spider Climb
Level 9: Fly
Level 11: Dimension Door
Level 16: Teleport

Description of Benefits:
  • Bonus Spells: Most of Celestian's benefits come in the form of bonus spells. Very straightforward.
The calculated cost should be 15%: 7-1 spells = 6 for a cost of 15% penalty to XP earned. However, some of the spells are of limited utility (Jump) or come at very late levels. They are handy though. I toned the XP requirement down to 10% -- as originally suggested in Greyhawk, actually -- but I tend to play no higher than name level. If I were to play up beyond that I'd be tempted to go with 12.5% or the full 15%. As a note, this variant cleric is essentially unchanged from the original specialty priest from Greyhawk. You could rearrange the bonus spells to go into the dead levels or increase the XP required as a variant on my variant.

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