Friday, November 11, 2011

Air Combat

I've recently been looking for a decent set of modern air combat rules. I haven't been able to find anything to my liking -- things tend to be really complex, not even close to accurate, and/or otherwise not very good. Does anyone have any pointouts?


Gleichman said...

Heh, complex subjects require complex games or you're not covering the subject.

A understanding that is in disfavor these days...

For modern Air Combat-

SPI's Air War is the best table top simulation of the subject ever. If one sticks to to the 50s (early jets), the rules aren't IMO that overwhelming.

A step back from that level of detail is GDW's Air Superiority.

Both games present their rules in chunks (as all the simulation games do), which makes starting play much easier. People tend to look at the whole and give up. And as a result they end up with things that are a joke with respect to accuracy or long term interest.

If you're interested in WWI- I don't have a suggestion. Try here:

If WWII, again I can't really say- but you could try this one (SPI made many excellent games):

Vedron said...

Thanks for the extensive suggestions! They definitely look interesting.

I'll have to check out GDW. I guess as life gets busier and I stay busy with work, I find I have less time for games that requires hours of study and then hours to play.

Nevertheless, the GDW looks good. I'll have to check it out!