Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Game of Thrones

I just discovered the HBO mini-series "Game of Thrones." It is really awesome, and I highly endorse it if you can find access (HBO, annoyingly, refuses to embrace Netflix, Hulu, or any sort of pay-on-demand service if you don't have a traditional cable subscription). I never read the Song of Fire and Ice books but it is really a very compelling world. I've ordered book #2 for my Kindle so I can continue onward.

In other news, I haven't abandoned this blog. After a long vacation "off the grid" with little access, I have been working 60-90 hours most weeks these days, so between the two of them my posting has been very light and will probably continue to be light to non-existent until Christmas or so when hopefully work lets up. For now I am focusing on sleeping, eating, clothing myself, and spending what little time I have with family so gaming is not even really on the priorities list although I do have some ideas still rattling around.

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DHBoggs said...

I have yet to see the HBO series since I don't have HBO and don't know how else to get it, but let me say, Don't skip the first book.
I've been a fan of Martin's since I discovered Sandkings in the '80's. I used to say, in complete and utter seriousness that George R.R. Martin was the greatest, by far, short story writer to ever breath air on planet earth. Now I just say he is the greatest writer. His only fault, is he writes too much and takes too long between books.