Saturday, April 24, 2010

Slowing Down

I'm sure y'all have noticed that my posting frequency has slowed down significantly. There's a few factors at work here:
  • Busy with school. I'm working on a master's and that + working full time has been keeping me busy.
  • Traveling. I've been traveling for work a lot and am kind of sick of being on the road. I'm ready to get home and have been running low on energy for side projects.
  • Other hobbies. I'm getting geared up for the summer in Alaska which is going to be awesome. We have lots of hiking, camping, and hunting planned. I'm putting more energy, time, and money into planning those events than gaming.
  • Not much gaming going on. The only game I'm participating in right now is a 4E play-by-post "arena" (not player v. player; players vs. monsters) game on RPOL. It is ok but not terribly deep as far as roleplaying experiences go. I don't foresee playing in another game in the near future. I may do another post on that issue.
  • No profit in it. I don't do this for the money obviously, but at one point I was getting a fair trickle of funds coming in from Google Adsense from the blog. For some reason that has dried up in the last few months, even before my post frequency started to dry up. While obviously the profit/time ratio was never great, it was kind of nice to see $1 trickle in occasionally, in a "penny for your thoughts" sort of way.
So, my consumption of gaming stuff, brain bytes devoted towards gaming stuff, and time on this issue has declined. Sure, I've still got a bunch of stuff rattling around; all the tarot materials I read the other month were great inspiration and I've got all that filed away for the RPG future.

Meanwhile, over at the Dragonsfoot front, I have disengaged again from the 1E forum. It seems like all the key issues have been rehashed over and over again. I know where I stand on issues, I have a robust set of play-tested house rules, got it. I feel no need to argue with the new crop of posters over there. I don't think I'm the only one -- a lot of the old timers seem to have drifted away. The Workshop has some great threads, but for every golden thread with novel, good ideas I have to wade through countless, "CHECK OUT MY AWESOME NEW SPELL/MONSTER/CAMPAIGN SETTING!" Honestly, I don't care about new spells or monsters or campaign settings. I already have more of all of those than I can use in the foreseeable future.

So, not saying that I am abandoning this blog. But, I do foresee my posting frequency settling down to 2-4 posts/month. Maybe with some time to rest and recharge at home I will be energized again and kick this back up.


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